Are you looking for the Best Rainbow Cake in Trichy??

Not only is this rainbow cake beautiful and colorful, but it also tastes really delicious. Made from my famous white velvet cake recipe and easy buttercream, this rainbow cake makes the perfect special occasion cake!

We’re really proud to have the best Rainbow Cake in Trichy! Once upon a time Rainbow Cake wasn’t on our menu, the truth is that we waited and waited on releasing a Rainbow Cake because we were perfecting a very special recipe. Rainbow cake is kinda magical, when you slice into those six multi-coloured layers there’s a huge wow factor and we wanted the taste of the cake itself to also pack a huge butter flavour punch.
When we launched this, our brand new website earlier in the summer we also added to the Classic Foods bakery Rainbow cake family, as well as our epic vanilla seed and Belgian chocolate Rainbow cakes we’ve had some newbies have joined the fam. We don’t stop there either as you can now put your favourite pic on top of one of our Rainbow cakes as well.

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